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Northern VA Firearms Company
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Who We Are & What We Do -- Since 2010 

 MISSION STATEMENT: Serve the Self-Defense, Enthusiast, Mil-LE-Intel communities with high quality production and custom firearms, Gunsmith and Cerakote services to defend liberty. 

We manufacture our own line of production and custom AR-15 type rifles and pump action shotgunsAR-10 / SR-25 rifles, precision bolt action rifles, and the AK rifle and shotgun platform.  We purpose-build to your budget, shooting style, or mission as simple or enhanced as needed including combining suppressors (silencers), optics, weapon lights, & other accessories tailored to your specific applications.

Sterling Arsenal Custom Shop is a certified and authorized armorer for top industry brands and provides Gunsmith - Armorer and Certified Cerakote Coating services, including but not limited to laser engraving, milling, lathing, welding, pressing, action tuning, and fabrication for 1911, AR-15, AK-47, bolt-actions, shotgun, other firearm platforms at reasonable standardized rates. 

Sterling Arsenal owns Critical Koting, a NIC Certified Cerakote Applicator and Sterling Arsenal Brand and Line of Business. Critical Koting operates at Sterling Arsenal's facilities leveraging our comprehensive gunsmith / armorer capabilities and customer service processes.

Our  Customer Service Center Armory Showroom is open to the public and displays hundreds of firearms including Sterling Arsenal Critical Koting Custom Shop and Production firearms as well as  Class 3 - NFA firearms, plus ammunition, optics, tactical accessories. Sterling Arsenal sells products partnering through the  VAGUNSHOP.COM online wholesale portal offering a robust selection of firearms, accessories, ammunition, and other products from a wide range of distributors. Customers can click, buy, ship, and transfer firearms and other products to their local firearms dealers at substantial savings over traditional retail pricing. Sterling Arsenal also offers firearm transfer services.  

Our over-the-top professional customer service goes beyond the typical gun shop experience. Why are we "The Premier Custom Gun Store, Gunsmith, & Manufacturer in Northern, VA"? -- see our reviews here: Google Reviews.

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Silencer Sales Rise Ahead of 41F -- Wall Street Journal -- 28 Jan 2016
Sterling Arsenal SAR-XV Gladius v3 (2013 Model)
Featured in the July 2014 Issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER Magazine
Download Full Article: SAR-XV_FirePower_Jul14.pdf
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Sterling Arsenal Custom Shop Configures Ultra Light-Weight Production Component AR-15 for the 2015 BLACK GUN BUYERS GUIDE (in stores Sep 2014)