SAR-Bolt Action Rifles

 SAR-Precision Bolt Action Rifles 
Sub-MOA Performance 
The Sterling Arsenal Precision Bolt Action platform is offered as a standardized operating system (OS) configuration:

The OS includes:
  • Match Cut-Rifled Barrel Blanks (Bartlien, Hawk Hill, Leija, or Kreiger) in several profiles, specific manufacturer choice based on availability and overall project scope; we can also utilize Proof Research carbon fiber barrel blanks as an upgrade
  • Chambering, threading, finish-contouring of the barrel -- we routinely chamber in .308, 6.5Creed, 6x47MM, 300WIN, 6MM-.284 Norma, 7MM, and other calibers 
  • Blue-Print and True Rem700 and other actions with PTG bolt, including M16 extractor, threaded bolt handle, extended bolt knob, HD recoil lug, APA muzzle devices, and Timney or similar match trigger tuned to your specs; we also work with custom receivers, e.g. Defiance, Surgeon, and other brands 
  • SAR-Custom Shop manufacturer and caliber markings, choice of single-color Cerakote (or upgraded patterns) along with Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee and life time warranty on every single component.
OS configurations start at $2150 w/ 50% deposit and turnaround times of less than 5 months

Chassis or stock selection are priced separately allowing customers to independently scale and scope requirements and budgets. Sterling Arsenal offers a wide range of options to meet customer preferences, including: Accuracy International, XLR Industries, Mega, MDT, HS Precision, McMillan, and others.

Sterling Arsenal also offers a variety of optics, including digital night vision, thermal, and ranging optics from Nightforce, Pulsar, Trijicon, Khales, Schmidt & Bender, Leupold, Wilcox, and others

Reliability and Lifetime Guarantee: All firearms are range tested for reliability; we guarantee shot group performance for each project subject to environmental conditions, application, and ammunition selection.

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