FFL Transfers and Shipping Services

Sterling Arsenal accepts Firearm Transfers from and to third-party dealers and individuals. We also perform Shipping Services. Transfer and Shipping Services are performed by appointment.


Inbound Transfer Fees

Fees billable to Transferee for transfer of firearms brought or delivered to Sterling Arsenal purchased or otherwise acquired from other Licensed Dealers or Non-Licensed Individuals; fees are non-refundable, including in cases where a transfer has not occurred resulting from a denied or cancelled background check:

  • One Firearm $68
  • Two Firearms $95
  • Three Firearms $115
  • Four or more firearms billed at Three Firearms plus $20 increment per additional firearm transferred
  • NFA Transfer fee per serial number $200
  • VAGUNSHOP.COM online store transfers incur one $25 fee for up to five firearms per purchase order.

Instructions for Inbound Transfers

Transfer From a Licensed Dealer:

  • Purchase firearm from dealer
  • Email support@sterlingarsenal.com with your seller’s name, phone number, and email, include manufacturer, model, caliber, and order number
  • Sterling Arsenal emails Transferee confirming the seller has our information and then again when firearm is received to schedule transfer / background check appointment

Transfer From Non-Licensed Private Individual:

  • Finalize terms of purchase with seller
  • Email the seller’s and recipient’s name, phone number, and email, include manufacturer, model, caliber, and order number; Sterling Arsenal will reply indicating information has been exchanged / received
  • (a) Sterling Arsenal contacts seller requesting driver’s license image and provides FFL information and shipping instructions OR (b) if Transferee intends to bring firearm to Sterling Arsenal for transfer to another Non-Licensed Private Individual (Transferor), Sterling Arsenal schedule appointment(s) with transferor and transferee to complete the transfer(s) / background check
  • Sterling Arsenal emails Transferee when firearm arrives and is ready for pick-up to schedule a transfer / background check appointment.

Note Regarding Virginia “Private Transfers” — Per 2020 VA Legislative changes in VA law that prohibit private firearm sales (except as gifts) without an FFL background check, our opinion is that there is no such thing as “private party” transfers. Legally, under Federal law, any firearm that enters our facility for transfer to another party is an inbound transfer, regardless if it is shipped-in from another state or walked-in by a person. The process and rates are the same if a person drops off a firearm to be transferred / shipped out or to be transferred to another person that comes to the shop to pick it up.

Rate to drop-off a firearm for outbound-transfer (billable to the transferor) is $65; Rate to for an inbound- transfer of a firearm from a third party (billable to the transferee) is $68. We do not charge VA state police background check fee even though the 2020 law specifies that dealers can recover the $2 fee that dealers pay to VSP for running each background check by charging a passthrough fee to the up to $15.

Note that the law does not address or cover all of the other cost elements of a transfer imposed at the Federal level which requires dealer processing of the ATF form 4473, log in and log out each firearm, and retain (and make available to ATF on demand) the paperwork for a minimum of 20 years or, in the case of Firearm Manufactures, forever, along with the added costs and risks of perpetual regulation, prosecution, and persecution from the government.

Outbound Transfers and Shipping Service

Fees billable to Transferor for firearms brought to Sterling Arsenal for transfer or shipment to Third-Party Dealers and Non-Licensed Individuals

Outbound Transfer and Shipping Fees

  • One Firearm $65 plus Packing and Shipping
  • Two Firearms $90 plus Packing and Shipping
  • Three Firearms $110 plus Packing and Shipping
  • Four or more Firearms billed at Three Firearms plus $20 increment per additional firearm
  • We ship all firearms FedEx Express or Two-Day Express Service
  • Shipping Fees vary by destination, dimension, and weight.

Service includes tracking number – just drop off your firearm(s), copy of your ID, and recipient FFL dealer info and you’re done! You will receive shipping tracking via email.